ROJ Cane Sugar Syrup Our innovative flavor profiles are perfect for baking, craft cocktails, coffee, craft sodas, energy sodas and more!

$13/per bottle

Product Information

1 Liter Flexi-Tank Bottle


UPS Ground & Expedited Service

Local Pickup in Salisbury, North Carolina

Serving Sizes

1 -1.5 fl oz of syrup per beverage

12 oz beverage = 4 pumps = 1 oz

16 oz beverage = 6 pumps = 1.5 oz

20 oz beverage = 8 pumps = 2 oz

Nutrition Information

You’ll never find a chemical preservative in our product! Instead, you’ll find our sugar syrups have 20-30% more sweetening power than granulated sugar, have a longer shelf life, dilute instantly, and are experience less crystallization.